Light Falling, Oceans Edge

Oil , 80 x 60 cms


Blossoming Against the Odds

Oil , 70 x 70 cms


Field Edge Flowers

Oil , 40 x 40 cms



Oil , 40 x 40 cms


Promenade Des Fossettes, Cap Ferrat

Oil , 50 x 50 cms


Summer Sunset

Oil , 40 x 40 cms


I was born in Antrim in Northern Ireland where I  spent my early childhood.   I lived in Germany for a time and at various places in the U.K., moving to Birmingham in 1985.  Having studied Fine Art at Margaret Street in 1994, I was drawn towards painting and completed a B.A. Honours degree in 1997.

I paint with oils, acrylics and watercolours and often work with a palette knife – creating textured surfaces by applying paint to the canvas as thickly as possible.   The oil paint dries slowly, allowing me to build layers in which the marks of the palette knife are often still visible – creating interesting and dramatic effects.  When I am not painting in my studio,  I like to make trips to the countryside and coast and I continue  to draw inspiration from my travels. I enjoy  the experience of being outdoors and emotionally connecting with the landscape and its surroundings. I may visit the same place at different times, but each time the place is changed by the light, the weather and the flora, and that inspires me  to draw and paint and to experience the place afresh – as if visiting it for the first time.