Suzie EmeryAll works are oil on board
We only sell originals

Suzie Emery
Broadway Tower
40 x 20 cms 1,000

Suzie Emery
Time of No Reply
44 x 30 cms SOLD

Suzie Emery
Over the Hills & Far Away
60 x 40 cms 1,450

Suzie Emery
44 x 30 cms  1,250

Suzie Emery
The Wheeling Doves
50 x 35 cms 1,200

Suzie Emery
Saturday Sun
44 x 30 cms 1,250

"On my travels I make lots pf sketches of Cotswold buildings and their interesting features.

Some of my work is based on real places within the Cotswolds and some is purely fantasy inspired by songs and pieces of music. I like working in a portrait format because it allows me to accentuate the depth of the landscape in a romantic folk art style"