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All works are oil on canvas

Jean Feeney
Summer Nightfall, Isle of Harris

 30 x 30 cms, 600

Jean Feeney
Wild Beauty, Isle of Mull

 40 x 40 cms,  SOLD
Overlooking the runway, Barra

Jean Feeney
Overlooking the Runway, Isle of Barra

 40 x 40 cms, SOLD

Jean Feeney
Small Jetty on the way to the Summer Isles

 30 x 120 cms,  SOLD

Although she lives in the heart of Highland Perthshire, painter Jean Feeney admits that some of her greatest artistic inspiration comes from Ardnamurchan and the west coast.  In 1990, Jean fell in love with the landscape, light and colour, and they have been at the centre of her creative output ever since.   Born in York, Jean has Scottish roots through her father's family and came back to live north of the border over 15 years ago.   "I've certainly never regretted it. The beauty and vitality of the place, and the warmth of the people here, have quite won me over, and I could never contemplate living anywhere else."


Her love of art stems from childhood but it wasn't until much later that she became an active artist. "My school reports always had good art sections, but my father was very keen on science so that was the direction I took.  To encourage my children I bought them watercolour sets for Christmas but it was me who was still painting at four in the morning with the kids in their beds, I thought I'd better do something about it."  An intensive fine art training followed and simultaneously, she began to develop her own style. Her subjects are wide-ranging and she is becoming known in the world of Scottish art for her eclectic approach and the scope of her artistic vision. She works in a variety of media - oils, pastels, gouache and watercolour - and her trademark is strong and bold colour combined with energy, light and atmosphere. . Her main influences are the Scottish Colourists. 


Her work is becoming increasingly in demand, and she's delighted to be represented in many private and corporate collections throughout the world.  Jean has had many successful solo and mixed shows and we are delighted to exhibit her work at the Wren Gallery.