Philip Gerrard
A Hint of Autumn
23 x 36 inches 4,950

Philip Gerrard
Cotswold Lambs
20  x 24 inches 2,950

Philip Gerrard
From the Orchard
11 x 14 inches  1,750

Philip Gerrard
Little Brown Jug
14 x 17 inchess 2,500

Philip Gerrard
Port & Stilton
12 x 15 inches 1,950

Philip Gerrard

The Main Ingredients

12 x 16 inches, 1,950

Artistic talent ran in my family though I was the 1st to develop my interest and skills and paint professionally.  I cannot recall my exact age when I started to draw and paint though I was very young and  I remember asking for sets of paints as birthday presents. Aat school  I frequently came top in art demonstrating talent from a very early age. My ambition was that one day I will become a professional artist. When I left school I went into estate agency where I developed commercial skills which also helped me in the art world. I continued to paint it every spare moment practising and perfecting until after many years my first major breakthrough came when I began to paint still life  and this enabled me to turn professional in 1996. Since turning professional I have developed my portfolio into other genres including landscapes throughout the following years I won several awards and had work accepted for exhibition by leading out organisations. 

My realism paintings demonstrate timeless quality and appeal. Tthey are not minimalist not are they over composed I prefer a fusion of classical and contemporary influences this has been achieved by lengthy research on the study of the methods used over the centuries as well as the most cutting-edge for example I use the ancient Euclidean compositional rules. However my pallete and colour  mixing minimises the use of traditional earth pigments preferring a more modern method using mostly spectral pigments. This creates order in the composition and great light and luminosity in the subject.  I also attach great significance to the demonstration of the skills appreciated by the discerning collector. My paintings are detailed and realistic but never overworked. Elements which detract from the viewers experience are excluded or reduced aspects which require increase significance arte exaggerated. This is all part of my style has been developed over many years.

Most artists ally themselves to particular group of like-minded painters and I  belong to the "Contemporary Realism" school. The movement places great emphasis on the development of true artistic skill in the creation of paintings of great beauty. My work hangs in private collations in the UK,USA, China and Australia