Trisha Hardwick(1949-2022) 

People that collect and/or appreciate Trisha's art will be saddened to learn that she died  recently. Her lasting legacy will be the quality of her works as illustrated here.

Trisha Hardwick

Apples Sugar & Spice

Oil on Linen, 10 x 14 inches


Trisha Hardwick

Figs & Claret

Oil on Linen, 12 x 20 inches


Trisha Hardwick

Cherries, Wine Vessel & Bowls

Oil on Linen, 16 x 14 inches


Trisha Hardwick

Peaches & Wine Vessel

Oil on ex fine Linen, 10 x 20 inches


Trisha Hardwick

Obi Silk, Fan & Tea Kettle

Oil on Linen, 32 x 20 inches



Born 1949, Trisha rekindled her earlier love of painting & art in her mid 30’s, becoming a professional painter in 1989. Sadly Trisha died in 2022.

The work has been widely sought after and exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the UK, Ireland & the USA  including New York and The Royal Academy, and is in private collections world-wide. 

Trisha has always been influenced by the still life masters from the 16th-18th centuries: Spanish, Italian, & Flemish, and has studied their work & methods with a fascinated curiosity, at the same time endeavouring to learn the ways to produce work that is as archival sound as possible.  She sources the best materials suited to the work, some quite hard to obtain, uses traditional methods and explores colour continually, often using paint milled in time proven ways from colourist makers, and even has a number of bespoke colours blended to particularly suit her working palette.

The work is mostly painted on fine weave linen canvases or panels, as these have proved best for her technique of building up thin layers over days and weeks, giving a realistically detailed final result that still retains painterly aspects.  Simple, yet thoughtful composition together with intuitive use of tone and value combine to make paintings that have been described as exquisite & combining convention with originality.

The placements of rich darks with vibrant lights, solid tones against almost transparent glowing areas result in paintings which are calm yet lively, never dull or flat, and compel more than a passing glance.