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Ryoko Oikawa


15 x 22 cms 2,000

Ryoko Oikawa


27 x 22 cms 2,000

Ryoko Oikawa


17 x 12 cms 700

Ryoko Oikawa

Flowers & Physallis

17 x 12 cms 700

Ryoko Oikawa, a self-taught artist, invites the viewer to embark on a journey of tranquil discovery. Working with a natural theme of flora and Japanese landscape, Ryoko’s work evokes a calming and nostalgia.

 Ryoko’s use of heavily applied oils give the paintings a three dimensional quality, this depth gives the paintings a ‘living’ quality and a delicate nature. Ryoko achieves this aesthetic quality by using just one palette knife throughout all of her oil based paintings.

Birth Year: 1942
Birthplace: Iwate, Japan
Positions: The member of central art association in Japan
The former member of
salon de Lautrec.
Prizes & Exhibitions

The section prize at Iwate art festival

The judgment prize at Japan-France modern art exhibition

The best Italian culture prize at Japan-Italy modern great artist exhibition
The art decoration at Bangkok art exhibition

Recommended for a national treasure of Thai royal family
The Taipei governor prize

The prize of religious foundationand lots of other national prizes.
Solo exhibitions in:

Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan, France, Italy, the Netherland, the UK.

Hold 8 solo exhibitions.