Nanette Martin was born in Nottingham, later moving to Cornwall with her family; she is a self taught artist in mixed media. A debilitating back injury was the reason for this wonderful talent immerging.


 “For many years I spent my annual holidays in West Cornwall.  I was always drawn back by the scenery, the light, the ever changing moods of sea and sky and the spiritual feeling.  I took long walks on the cliffs, visited magical gardens.  I watched wild waves, boats and harbours and stored up images and colours in my mind.

I moved to Cornwall in 1988 and found that my artwork gradually changed and evolved.  I am inspired by my surroundings and now have an individual style which has become very popular.”


It is the magic of this place where she lives, that is her constant inspiration. Nanette’s world is a place that every seagull, fish and crab, in fact almost everything, takes on a life and personality of its own. The charm of her paintings is irresistible, inviting us to join her, and spend some time with her friends.