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Emily Rose McDonald

Emily Rose McDonald

Artichokes in Glass

23 x 19 inches, 1950

Emily Rose McDonald

Crab Apples

14 x 18 inches, Sold

Emily Rose McDonald

Clementines Triptych

16 x 13 cms, 975

'Emily grew up in London with her artist grandmother and showed a strong artistic talent from a young age by winning many local art competitions and gaining an Art Scholarship to Malvern St James Girls' School. Having a keen desire to understand all elements of art, she went on to study History of Art at Nottingham University. With this academic background she realised that she would like to contribute to the world she was so fascinated by and enrolled in a foundation painting and drawing course at the London Fine Art Studios.  Emily then studied portraiture at The Florence Academy of Art.

Emily prefers to paint from life so that her subjects change appearance according to available light throughout the day; and in the case of fresh produce, they also ripen and decompose over time.  Emily mirrors these changes with thin layers of paint to create a complex web of imagery which cannot be can’t be caught in a snapshot by the naked eye. By emphasising the chiaroscuro and focusing on light and texture over the narrative, the paintings have a vibrant, fresh and contemporary feel.  

Emily has displayed her work in London at exhibitions such as The Women’s Society of Art, Chelsea Arts Society and The Royal Institute of Oil ‘