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All works are mixed media on board

Marcelle Milo-Gray
Three Geese  10 x 8 inches 700 SOLD

Marcelle Milo-Gray
Two Swans 10 x 8 inches  700 SOLD

Marcelle Milo-Gray
Five Runners 10 x 8 inches 700 SOLD

Marcelle studied at the University of Essex and Exeter School of Art and Design.  She has exhibited with the RWA, the SWA and many galleries including Hybrid, Honiton, Byard Art Cambridge and here at the Wren Gallery.  Marcelle has also been accepted at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition seven times.

Her work is inspired by the landscapes, gardens, people and dogs in her life.  She aims to evoke small oases of peace and sanity, retreats into the timeless joy of gardens, birdsong and afternoon tea.

The paintings are all on carefully prepared gessoed panels.  Under-painted in egg tempera (pure pigments mixed with organic egg yolks) and over-painted in oils.  The tempera sinks into the white gesso and gives the colours their brilliance and luminosity.


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